The Complete Solution Revoked - Part II

Continued from Part I. To read the 1st part of our story, click here

NTI was selected as one of two finalists for the contract. We were required to present our solution to SourceAmerica and USDA.  We locked ourselves in a hotel conference room for almost a week to prepare; NTI's Executive Director, COO (who had 25+ years designing, building and running large-scale call centers) and VP of Client Services (25 years in the
technology space managing large scale implementation project) and the two senior managers from the technology partner who worked on the current USDA contract. This was a true dream team.

After the presentations, we were shocked to learn we did not get the contract. It wasn't hubris. Why would anyone choose to replace existing systems that had received high marks from the customer for five years? Why would anyone not choose a non-profit that could out-of-the-gate commit to have 75+ percent Americans with disabilities employed? Had we been too risk adverse? Not aggressive enough? We had had very senior people designing the solution. They had gone through implementations like this dozens of times.  They were realistic. They were committed to employing as many Americans with disabilities as possible. 

To be continued...

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