The Complete Solution Revoked - Part 1

In 2013, NTI bid on an AbilityOne contract for the USDA/Forest Service help desk. It was the first time in almost five years that an AbilityOne call center contract allowing for at-home agents was put out to bid. Since NTI has specialized in at home agents for over twenty years, we saw this as a tremendous opportunity to place severely disabled Americans to work. The contract allowed for the non-profit to partner with for-profit companies to fill the gaps in their solution. After talking to several large outsourcing and call center technology companies we decided to partner with one of the largest technology companies in the world, a top 75 Fortune 500 company.

There was a symbiosis between NTI and the client. NTI was able to provide was a complete solution, which consisted of:
  • An overqualified team with every person on the team having at least 10 years of help desk experience.
  • NTI trained candidates who experienced a full week of call center and customer service training
  • The ability to revamp the client training by NTI’s training staff who could provide a complete blended training program
  • A low cost solution of personnel and personnel management
  • Management and a Human Resource solution for the client

Our new technology partner was also the current service provider for the 
USDA/Forest Service help desk. As we put together our bid response we leveraged heavily off of what was already in place. This would allow NTI to keep the costs low and transition time short. It also reduced the risk for the government – no change in technology.  No other bidder could possibly match that. It would allow us to employ more Americans with disability faster. We had an agreement with our technology partner to bring agents on board before the contact was even signed! There would be no time-consuming software installs and configurations, no costly migrations of USDA data and little if any risk of the new agents not being trained appropriately because our USDA-experienced partner would be there to back us up. How could we lose? As a matter fact, a senior SourceAmerica director told us with our technology partner there was no way we could lose. Well we did, twice...  

Check back tomorrow to see what happened from here!

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