Happy 43rd Anniversary, Section 504!
43 years ago today, on September 26, 1973, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act came to pass. Overall, the Rehabilitation Act provides funding for research and activities that have to do with disabilities. However, it also contains three sections that prohibit discrimination against Americans with disabilities by employers. 

Section 504 is one of those sections. It is often discussed in the area of protecting school children with disabilities from discrimination, and including them in regular classrooms, but here we’re talking about the employment part of the section.  It works to prohibit discrimination by federal agencies, or by programs/activities that receive federal funding or are put on by a federal agency, against individuals with disabilities who are applying for jobs or working with the program/activity. Plus, it specifically states that federal agencies must work to positively assist Americans with disabilities. In the case of employment, that means taking reasonable steps to accommodate the individual’s disability in the workplace.
Were you aware of Section 504? Let us know what you thought it was before today. We want to hear.  Here at NTI, our goal is to help American with disabilities on SSI or SSDI return to the workforce, so we certainly are working to positively assist Americans with disabilities. Find out how NTI can work with you to help you work for an employer who is fluent in Section 504 and will be the right new work from home job for you at http://www.nticentral.org/learnmore
BIO: Mary E. Hart is the Digital Communications Specialist for NTI. She is also a freelance writer, editor and content strategist, specializing in writing copy that converts. Previously, she worked in Demand Generation marketing for UBM Tech and Ziff Davis Enterprise. In her spare time, Mary is working on the next great ghost novel.

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