She’s Just Getting Started! Team USA Paralympian, AMAZING Grace Norman

Grace Norman, US Paralympian, was diagnosed with Congenital Constriction Band Syndrome at birth. Congenital Constriction Band Syndrome occurs when appendages are constricted by amniotic bands during pregnancy. At times constriction occurs in rings around the digits, arms, and/or legs and could lead to amputation. This type of fetal abnormality affects just .1 percent of newborns. In severe cases, like Grace, it resulted in amputation. 

As a woman of many talents, Grace now competes around the world in triathlons, track, cross-country and swimming. She is the pianist at her church and is active in her 4-H club. If you think that is active, Grace is only starting her freshman year at Cedarville University and has achieved more in her life than most, and Grace does it all with one foot!
In Grace’s own words, “I’ve never viewed myself as disabled. Having a prosthetic has not hindered me in anything. Competing against other amputees was new to me last year, and it’s cool seeing how others adapt and how they’re also so fast. Racing in the able-bodied world gives me motivation, and I enjoy hearing people complain that the girl with one foot beat them.”
At NTI we believe that your achievements have no limits. It might seem scary at first to come back into the workplace, but NTI provides the guidance, mentoring, and job placement services to make you feel confident, like Grace and succeed in your new position! We believe in the importance of helping people on SSI and SSDI get back into the workplace. If you are interested in getting across the finish line and back into the workplace, feel free to contact us at


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