How Close Can You Get It?

How Close Can You Get It?

There aren’t many athletes out there like Cornelius Oatis, who can land one leather ball on top of the other upon throwing it.  His sport is called Boccia, derived from the Italian sport bocci, and is played by people with disabilities on a gymnasium floor.  Oatis’ drive, motivation, and most importantly, his precision has made him a world champion. 

Oatis stated, “All people with cerebral palsy are not alike. When you hear the word, don’t let it scare you away. Find out about it before you judge.”  It doesn’t matter that Oatis is in a motorized  chair, a result of his cerebral palsy, he plays to win. Oatis and his boccia duo partner, Marek Harrison, have made it far, and made it together. They not only conquered the sport, but they also fundraised to help them get to Worlds, the London Paralympics, and now Rio.  None of that was an easy feat.
At this date Oatis has been awarded two gold’s, and two silvers in his boccia category,  BC1. Years ago, before the London Paralympics Oatis said, “I use cerebral palsy as motivation. When people tell me I can’t do certain things, I go out there and prove them wrong. Our U.S. coach told us it’s a slim-to-none chance of getting to London. But we keep working because you never know what can happen. I wouldn’t count us out just yet,”

Little did Oatis know about how true his words rang out for the future.

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