It’s Time to Sweep Judo in Rio!

It’s Time to Sweep Judo in Rio!
The 2016 Paralympics opened up last night in Rio de Janeiro to much acclaim, and today, the Preliminary Finals for Judo begin, continuing through Friday the 10th with the Quarterfinals.
Team USA is ready to compete for their medals, and the entire time is awe-inspiring, but we’re going to focus on one: Dartanyon Crockett, from Cleveland, Ohio, who is legally blind after being born with Leber’s disease. Crockett first competed in the Paralympics in 2012 and won the bronze medal there for the men’s 90 kg division. He will be competing in the same division Friday, September 10th at the 2016 Paralympics and we wish him much success. 

Besides being a medal-winning Paralympian, Crockett is also a student at Pikes Peak Community College, where he is studying social work. After college, Crockett has plans to go on to law school and pursue a career in the legal field to help those who need it the most.  
Crockett has spent his life helping those who need it, and especially helping his high school wrestling teammate and friend, Leroy Sutton, who was struck by a freight train at age 11, causing the loss of his legs. Crockett would carry Sutton around on his back and they became close friends and like brothers to each other. 

More can be learned about Crockett’s life through his friend and guardian angel Lisa Fenn’s ESPN story, “Carry On: Why I Stayed”.
Go for the gold, Crockett! We are rooting for you!

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