Epilepsy Awareness Month - Learn about Lenox Gastaut Syndrome!

Today is Lenox Gastaut Syndrome Awareness Day! LGS is a severe form of epilepsy. Individuals with the disorder may most commonly experience tonic, atonic, and atypical absence seizures. LGS is very difficult to treat because it is resistant to many of the anti-seizure medications. 2-5 percent of children account for having LGS, yet they are extremely well known in the medical community, especially by both pediatric doctors and adult neurologists because of the complexity of the syndrome. Intellectual development disorders commonly follow LGS, in addition to behavioral problems and cognitive dysfunctions.
LGS is one specific form of epilepsy, one that people should be aware of because awareness improves lives, even if anti-seizure medications cannot make a difference. We have had tremendous people in our society who had epilepsy.  They are proof that anything is possible!
Our very own 28th president, Teddy Roosevelt was epileptic. A born leader, he was a writer, soldier, historian, explorer, and the governor of New York. Even though he was epileptic, had poor eyesight, and had debilitating asthma Theodore Roosevelt embraced everything life could give him.
The well-known Charles Dickens has medical professionals marvel at him today with his cunning accuracy and observations on epilepsy.  His clear descriptions in his novels are beyond his time. This is no coincidence, Dickens’ suffered from epilepsy, and by creating characters in his novels he was educating the world of the debilitating seizures that people suffer from. During Dickens’ time of writing, he recorded the nature of epileptic seizures, causes, and possible provocations, and most interestingly, their consequences.
The one and only Prince was born epileptic.  Even though Prince had his epilepsy there his whole life, the possibility of having a seizure always in the shadows, Prince became one of the most accomplished artists of our time because he had talent and believed he could. His art as a singer, musician, producer, and art innovator has contributed endlessly to how music exists today.
Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer during the late Romantic period. Some of his works are still the most popular pieces of classical music today. He made lasting impressions as a conductor internationally in Europe and even the United States. For his time, this is quite remarkable as Tchaikovsky coped with epilepsy. Still Tchaikovsky managed to not only create something beautiful, but to deliver it to multiple continents!
NTI is wants to ask you, how do you want to contribute your time? Embrace the world like Teddy Roosevelt and be a leader and grab a hold of that new job! Educate, and take on the world like Dickens’ and marvel the minds of the future or be like Prince and take on the abstract with what you have to offer!  Be aware of what you can do, just like LGS awareness day. The jobs are waiting here at NTI, waiting for someone like you to show the rest of the world that anything is possible if you just believe. Do the impossible like Tchaikovsky, and build something beautiful and new in your life today! So if you are on SSI or SSDI reach out to us at nticentral.org!
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