Hindsight 20/20! We all have a vision!

Hindsight 20/20! We all have a vision!

Today is blind/sight day! It’s special because everyone can participate, and ask themselves how they see the world. I like to think that if I didn’t lose my eye-sight at thirteen from amblyopia; an unfortunate circumstance from a complicated brain infection and cancer treatment, that I would still appreciate the world around me as much as I do today. But, I can confidently say with my vision loss my eyes have been opened wider. I now can say that I get to experience the world around me with more clarity than before, even though my eye-sight is not perfect.

When my vision was unimpaired I never thought twice about being able to see text on a paper, or whether I would be able to recognize my friend standing across the hall. Everything was a given, beautiful and glorious in that way. Today, I know not to expect to see text on a paper or recognize anyone in the hall, even though I do have sight. The sight that remains, I treasure like the white clouds that still stand out to me in the sky, but my vision isn’t strong enough to see the things I expected to see when I used to glance around a room, like something simple like my digital alarm clock. That is why I believe there is a day specially named blind/sight day because even though I may be legally blind, seeing only the shapes and colors that surround me. I maintain a vision of what my world is like, which is as much a part of my day as it is for everyone else who can see and who cannot.

NTI has a vision too. We believe at NTI that having vision for something goes further than having perfect 20/20 vision. We know of the opportunities out there; the resilience, and work ethic that comes with someone who has a vision. We know how to improve the workplace with assistive technology whether its magnifiers or screen readers. We believe sight comes in all different forms.  Today is blind/sight day around the world and at NTI. We want to make it the beginning for you to find a new job in the workplace if you are on disability.  Come, have a vision with NTI, make the change, and believe with us that there isn’t just one way you can see the world. Let us help you find that new beginning! Visit us at NTIcentral.org!

Jaclyn is a Marketing Content Writer for NTI.  She not only lives the story, she writes about it to inspire others. Currently, Jaclyn is working on attaining her MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction at Columbia University and the focus of her thesis is titled "Wings A Memoir" discussing the evolution of herself an disability.

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