“Make learning stick and last a lifetime!” Come Together! Learn with us! It’s Family Literacy Month!

November 1st is the start of Family Literacy month. All across the country organizations will be coming together to host family learning events. Family literacy is in motion when two generations or more—extended family—are actively learning together.

The president and founder of the National Center of Families Learning, Sharon Darling, stated, “When parents and children come together to learn, relationships among family members, neighbors and communities are all strengthened. Educators and families across the country invest time—from hours to moments everyday—to learn together and make real-world connections that make learning stick, and last a lifetime.”
It doesn’t quite matter what you’re learning about as a family and community. The sky is the limits from the sciences, to financial studies, to reading and history—literacy and education has no restrictions on where your mind can go!
NTI is excited about Family Literacy Month. We believe in coming together as a community, and we especially believe in #learning and education! That is why NTI is excited about the opportunity we have for you and your family. On December 3, right after Family Literacy Month, NTI is asking you to come together again for International Disability Day and our #31Nights event at the Prudential Center in Boston! Just like Family Literacy Month there will be learning and education opportunities, music, inspiring people to meet, and tremendous speakers. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity NTI has waiting for you! For more information visit 31nights.nticentral.org.
NTI aims to educate people with disabilities of all the opportunities and possibilities that exist out there! Want to learn more? Are you looking for a job or in need of job training? Are you on SSI or SSDI? Reach out to NTI today, at nticentral.org we are ready to come together for you, to help you find that great opportunity.

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  1. Literacy week at St Cloud State University will be this summer. The observations and the plans for the learning community are recorded in the Conferences and tests sections. You may also click here to add that to your events list.


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