What Being an eMentor means to me - Billie Holt

We talk about the benefits of finding a good mentor. Do we think about what mentors get from the experience? As a part of recognizing the importance of disability mentoring here is a personal account of how being an eMentor has affected Billie Holt of NTI. 

“Being an eMentor has opened my eyes to the wonderful system of helping disabled persons get jobs.  This whole process allows the disabled community a way to become productive members of society. We now can offer a hands-on approach to assisting with [clients] living and working in their own homes.  This masterful approach takes away the stigma of “disability” and provides access the world of the abled and willful members of society. Being an eMentor is a critical element in this process. The guidance, support, knowledge, and education I provide to my mentees is valuable in helping the person land a job.  I exercise patience, diligence and hopefully the right timing to see a Candidate reach their goals. Being an eMentor is an awesome experience when I know that I have answered questions and guided a mentee to the right solution.  I hope to continue to grow and maximize my potential to be the best eMentor I can be for NTI.”   

Billie is just one of seven eMentors available to clients of NTI. It is comforting to know that there are people available via phone or video to support and offer career guidance. If you are a person with a disability who is ready to return to work, you can benefit from eMentoring, too.  Register with NTI today via goo.gl/3LXUcF to start the process. NTI is a leader in connecting people with disabilities to remote job opportunities.

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