A Paralympic Preview Andrew Soule (Biathlon)

You may have heard the successes of recent Paralympic Gold Medalist Daniel Cnossen, but have you heard the story of his teammate and most recent Bronze Medalist Andrew Soule?  

Three-time American Paralympian Andy Soule is no stranger to dedication and love of country. Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Soule joined the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. In 2005, a bomb exploded while he was on a security patrol and his legs were badly injured, requiring amputation. During rehab, in order to stay active, Soule began handcycling and attended an adaptive camp where he tried skiing. A natural on the slopes, within a year Soule moved to Sun Valley, Idaho to train full-time. He competed in the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in 2010 in Vancouver where he became the first ever American to win a medal as a biathlete in either the Olympic or Paralympic Games! He competed again at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, and now will be competing for the third time as a Paralympian in PyeongChang. 

Soule competes in a sit-ski, a specially designed seat attached to two cross-country skis, and he propels himself with poles. As a biathlete who must not only ski well but shoot well, his military training is as asset. Most Olympic biathletes who shoot after competing in grueling Nordic Ski courses have to calm their shaking legs in order to shoot straight. But in the case of many Paralympians, they have to do it all with their arms, making the feat even more impressive.   

We are proud of your Paralympic accomplishments Andrew and thank you for your Service in the military!   

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Image Description for Sight Impaired:  
Photograph of Andrew Soule alpine skiing with a dark green/line green overlay. The background has wave like elements in 4 different shades of green. In the top right is the logo for the winter Paralympics. 


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