A Paralympic Preview Team USA's Brenna Huckaby

As a young girl, Brenna Huckaby used to dream of being a world-class gymnast, and she competed at part of a team in her home state of Louisiana. But after losing her right leg to ostocarcoma (a type of bone cancer) at age 14, Brenna moved to Salt Lake City and developed a passion for snowboarding equal to her love to gymnastics! As she said to her mom, riding a snowboard is “like a beam!”

Brenna is now 22, a mother of a beautiful baby girl born in May of 2016, and poised to bring home gold in two separate Paralympic events--snowboard-cross and the banked slalom.

“It’s no longer about me,” she says. “I always have something else in the back of my mind. Balancing work and mommyhood is difficult. I have to be on top of it all the time otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. It’s difficult but it’s also so exciting because I get to share all of my experiences with her.”

Brenna, we wish you luck in the in Pyeongchang!

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