Stephen Hawking - (January 8, 1942 – March 14, 2018)

As a non-profit focused on the strengths of individuals with disabilities, NTI is sad to note the passing of Stephen Hawking. Hawking leaves the world mourning the loss of this brilliant theoretical physicist. He gave the world so much! Although limited in body from the age of 21 by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), his mind probed the very edges of our human ability to comprehend the world we inhabit. "I try to lead as normal a life as possible, and not think about my condition, or regret the things it prevents me from doing, which are not that many," he wrote. His extraordinarily “normal” life enriched the lives of countless millions of people around the world, and he deserves a place of honor in the annals of history! 


Description of Image for Visually Impaired: 
A black and white image of a young Stephen Hawking smiling. The background is a picture of space.  Text to the left of him reads "STEPHEN HAWKING 1942-2018"  


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  2. Stephen Hawking was really a great man. Even if you did not really like physics at school, you probably heard about Hawking. Most of all, he is known, of course, by the fact that, firstly, he possessed a brilliant mind and a paralyzed body, and secondly, popularized a complex science, and thirdly, the bestseller "A Brief History of Time." The scientist made a revolutionary conclusion that black holes they do not exist forever: in the end they disappear as a result of a gigantic explosion. Also If you ask yourself: where can i buy an essay use this service/ And remember you can do everything what yiu want, just believe in yourself!


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