Missing the Ability to Help Americans with Disabilities

AbilityOne, the federal program tasked to provide work for Americans with Disabilities is being investigated for financial fraud and other legal violations by the Dept. of Just and four Inspectors General Offices. Instead of providing Americans with Disabilities the opportunities to successfully gain employment, they are allegedly awarding these positions to able-bodied individuals.  In addition, there is approximately 2.3 billion dollars of contracts
Broken Wheelchair in a Lobby
that are only awarded annually to just 10-20 percent of the organizations who qualify to fill these contracts. Why just this 10-20 percent? How can only these organizations be successful in fulfilling the needs of these contracts? Due to their geographical locations and the size of the contracts, these organizations place competitively  employable individuals in jobs instead of those who are severely disabled. As a result, the organizations who win the contracts don’t have the necessary ratio of severely disabled to competitively employable individuals, as required by the contract. The requirements are that 75% of the jobs are filled by those who are severely disabled. However, the AbilityOne program does not take ownership for this and turns a blind eye to the situation.       

Educate yourself and learn more about this problem scenario on CNN’s site: 

Click Here to View the Story on CNN

What is your opinion on this situation? What do you think you can do to make a difference so this injustice doesn’t continue?

If you would like to sign our petition on Change.org to stop this injustice, click here


  1. I can't believe the information that CNN dug up on these groups. But then again it doesn't shock me. It is frustrating to know that my tax dollars are not being used the way they should. I hope this report and these lawsuits actually help to change things for the better. I will write my congressman here in my state. Is there contact information on who oversees these two agencies? I would like to write to them and alert them of my displeasure.
    Stephen Kirkmann

  2. Mr. Kirkmann,
    Here is a URL that contains the contact info for Senate and House:

    Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard.
    Keep your eye on this blog as we will be making updates to this breaking story.

  3. Just watched the video and read the article and, sad too say, I'm not surprised at the fact that the organizations who are supposed to be overseeing the process aren't doing their jobs. Unfortunately, we, the disabled, are the ones being penalized. The DOJ and others are investigating, so ok, how long will that take and what will they do about this? Will changes actually be made to ensure that AbilityOne and SourceAmerica actually do what they're supposed to be doing? Or will this just be more wasted time and taxpayer money?

    I will contact my Senator and Congressman and anyone else I can think of.

  4. I say follow the money. Corruption on this large of a scale has to be allowed from the top. Who were the appointed and who appointed them? The investigate is more like the "fox investigating themselves for who ate the hen". If we are to get to the bottom of this it needs to go to a Congress oversight committee that doesn't have their hands in the cookie jar. I say NTI produce a petition to Congress and ask all NTI affiliates and employees if they would sign it. NTI should also approach other real organizations that are following the rules to see if they will do the same. I'm sure their are other organizations thst have lost contact bids from Ability One.

  5. Hi Seha! I agree. We have a petition started right now! Take a look on Change.org https://www.change.org/p/support-the-fraud-investigation-into-federal-job-placement-program-for-disabled-workers

  6. I saw and knew about the CNN. I was aware of the fraud and thought NTI was a part of it. I thought NTI was included in committing fraud because I was applying and the process was dropped right in the middle and I didn't hear anything from anyone. I know i'm more than qualified for any position and have stellar work history. Someone should have contacted me and never did.

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  8. This is not just a fraud but a cruel crime as it could have benefited many disabled people in getting a dependable source of income. We must protest against and appeal for strict action against them. Once I will get the cheap coursework help in UK online and get freed from my academics, I will definitely raise my voice for this issue on all social media platforms and in my university as well.

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