NTI National Telephone Day

National Telephone Day

Allons-y! I’m the Doctor. Yes, just “the Doctor”. I’m here with my trusty travel companion, the TARDIS. That’s short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Yes, it looks like a policeman’s phone box from the 1960’s. Just go with it. It’s easier that way. 

Why am I here? Come inside the phone box with me and we’re going to take a trip back in time to February of 1876. Yes, I know it’s bigger on the inside of the phone box. Everyone says that. We’re heading back to 1876 to make sure that history remains stable and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, is the person who has his name on the patent.

One of my fellow time lords, the Master (oh, he’s a tricky fellow), is trying to interfere by sending Elisha Gray to the patent office the same day with a patent caveat for the same device. We can’t let that happen and need to make sure that Marcellus Bailey, one of Bell’s attorneys, is successful getting there. So, we’re going to dash over and stop Gray with a question to slow him down since the Master delayed Bailey by putting a wounded horse in his path.

Phew! Mission accomplished. Bell’s patent was awarded to him on March 7, 1876 and Bell and his team put on a public demonstration of the telephone at the World’s Fair in Philadelphia on May 8, 1876 and the world was astounded. One year later, the first telephone was installed in the White House and telephones being making their way throughout the United States.

Now we can go back to present day and rest assured that Alexander Graham Bell is still known to this day as the inventor of the telephone. What a relief!

Thanks to Bell and Bailey (and now us to keep things on track!), the telephone is here to stay. Telephones are so very important, as we all know. Families and friends use them to connect with each other; companies use them to stay in business; and customers use them to reach companies for information. Who do customers talk to when they call a company? Why, the call center agents that man those telephone lines to keep customers happy.

Non-Doctor Who now: We here at NTI are always looking for more call center agents for our partners. If you are interested in being a call center agent for us, visit www.nticentral.org/learnmore or for business inquires, feel free to contact us via email at info@nticentral.org.

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Mary E. Hart is the Digital Communications Specialist for NTI. She is also a freelance writer, editor and content strategist, specializing in writing copy that will get stuck in your head like an earworm, prompting you to take action. Previously, she worked in Demand Generation marketing for UBM Tech and Ziff Davis Enterprise. In her spare time, Mary is working on the next great novel.


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