Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day

By Mary E. Hart

Since 2005, June 18th has been recognized as Autistic Pride Day, which is a day that highlights that people with Autism have a unique set of characteristics that provide them many rewards and challenges. This absolutely holds true for me considering that my son is on the Autism spectrum with Asperger’s.

Yes, absolutely there are challenges, but I’m one that will always look on the bright side and in the case of my son, the rewards. He is so very smart and has an amazing memory. When he was in preschool, he was interested in cars and would spend his time looking through car books and magazines, taking in every detail of each car. Anytime we were near cars, he’d look at every part of it from the front to the back, and would turn to me at times and tell me that there was another Toyota Corolla (the car I was driving at the time) coming our way but it was newer than mine because it had the newer “grill” (the front of the car).

Another time, we were driving on the highway and he said “Mommy, that’s an Escape up there”, speaking about a car that was five or six car lengths in front of us. We managed to catch up to it and sure enough, it was an Escape. Simply amazing.

Over the years, the interest in cars has been taken over by an interest in all things space (along with video games and wrestling figures). That interest has truly paid off in school. Tests have always been a struggle for my son, but he’s received his first As on tests in Science classes this year. Yes, he’s studying and paying attention as he always has, but what was the difference this year?? The topic covered was Space and Astronomy. So, all of the books on space that we’ve read and documentaries about space that we’ve watched has truly paid off in the form of excellent grades.

So thrilled for him that he’s found his niche and I can absolutely see my son working for NASA some day or in a planetarium of some sort or as a video game designer, since that has also sparked his interest.

Mary E. Hart is the Digital Communications Specialist for NTI. She is also a freelance writer, editor and content strategist, specializing in writing copy that will help you reach the right people at the right time. Previously, she worked in Demand Generation marketing for UBM Tech and Ziff Davis Enterprise. In her spare time, Mary is working on the next great ghost novel.


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