The Golden Ticket - SSA's Ticket to Work Program

Today is the anniversary when congress passed the Social Security Administration’s, Ticket to Work program for individuals who are on SSI or SSDI. For seventeen years the SSA has had the Ticket to Work program act as the centerpiece in all their initiatives to improving individuals with disabilities lives by finding good jobs, “good careers, and better self-supporting futures.”  Ticket to work provides free and voluntary programs for people with disabilities to receive career counseling, job placement, and ongoing employment support services. It is the stepping stone program to helping individuals with disability reach their job goals.

Ticket to work is a good fit for people who are looking to  thrive in the workplace, for individuals who want to improve their earnings,a and commit to a long term  career. These goals can be achieved by contacting one of SSA’s employment  Networks, like NTI!

As a person with disabilities who has has been receiving SSI since 2008. I have spent more of my career in volunteer positions, or internships as I tried hopelessly to reach my job goals. I didn’t know about the Ticket to Work program as I spent years hoping I could somehow get that right job  through unpaid internships and volunteer work. I know the challenges are vast, I have experienced them first hand, and I thought I tried everything. But, I didn’t, I didn’t try SSA’s Ticket to Work. Who knows? Maybe if I did, the road to NTI would have been shorter, less strenuous and exhausting. Yet, as I sit here as one of NTI’s content marketing associates a part of me still believes I managed to find my ticket, as hard as it was.  The Social Security Administration  has programs waiting for you right now, like NTI, all ready, and waiting to help you reach your job goals.

NTI has your Golden Ticket. We want to help you get back into the workforce and reach your job goals. If you are on SSI or SSDI and you’re reading this you now know about the SSA Ticket to work program and NTI’s  instrumental part in it.  Don’t hold back, try everything there is and reach your job goals today because you deserve it all! Reach out to NTI at or call us at (877) 248-8912! You can cash your ticket right here!

Jaclyn is a Marketing Content Writer for NTI.  She not only lives the story, she writes about it to inspire others. Currently, Jaclyn just recently attained her MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction at Columbia University and the focus of her thesis is titled "Wings A Memoir" discussing the evolution of herself an disability.


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