Envision Life Without Glaucoma!

Did you know that 120,000 Americans are blind as a result of glaucoma, which accounts for nine to twelve percent of all cases of blindness in the United States. However, roughly 2.2 million Americans have glaucoma, but only half know they have it. On World Glaucoma Day, we encourage people to take preventative measures by getting regular eye and optic nerve checkups to prevent eye diseases that are permanent.
During World Glaucoma Day, NTI opens eyes for opportunity to get back into the workplace with our job-services. Create a vision for yourself with a new job opportunity. If you are on SSI or SSDI and would like to get back into the workplace, visit and register for NTI's job services today at goo.gl/s2p7QV for an eye opening experience.

Image Description for Visually Impaired
The image is an illustration of an eye with a green illustration of earth as the pupil. Underneath the eye is text that read "WORLD GLAUCOMA DAY" with "GLAUCOMA" in green. There is also a green border around the image.

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