Exclusive Interview with Ms Wheelchair California

Krystina Jackson, who currently holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair California, recently competed in Grand Rapids, MI for the national title. While there, she learned a lot about disability and how to be an effective advocate and a leader in the disability community. NTI’s Mike Sanders spoke with her about her experience, what she learned, and how she is making plans for the future. Finding a balance in her life with all of her interests and passions is imperative because she has big plans and a huge amount of drive. 

Listen to how her story about how her hopes to be a professional soccer player ended after a snowboarding accident left her paralyzed, and how she found a new passion after she had a chance to heal and accept her new limitations. Her love of competition led to her starting a small business and to her success as a competitor for Ms. Wheelchair. She is now a huge advocate for the disability community, and her advice is to just “Jump In!” There are only two outcomes she says, “you will either win, or you will learn,” both of which make the experience worth it. In addition to being an entrepreneur and encouraging others with a disability to start a business, she is also employed through NTI. As a customer service representative, she works from home thanks to the services of NTI! She shares how she got her job and tips for success in getting a work-at-home job through NTI! 

Follow along with Krystina on her journey advocating for individuals with disabilities on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: KrystinaMWCA18
Instagram: MSWheelchairCA18
Website: MWCALeadership.org
Etsy: www.GustoByKW.etsy.com
Email: MSWheelchairCA2018@gmail.com

If you would like to work with NTI in order to find a new position like Krystina did, visit and register at NTI today


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