What it means to be an eMentor—Amber Clary

All of us benefit at challenging times from the guidance of others who know what we are facing and can lead us in the right direction. People with disabilities often face unique difficulties, and for them guidance can be harder to find. The American Association for People with Disabilities uses National Disability Employment Awareness Month to spotlight disability mentoring. NTI is proud to offer virtual mentoring for all our clients with disabilities. Amber Clary, an NTI eMentor, says, “The main thing that I love about my job is being able to help a person through a process. I know what it is like going through NTI as a candidate. I was unsure of myself or what I could do considering it had been a while since I had been employed. I can understand these feelings when it comes to the people I mentor.” As one of NTI’s first eMentors, Clary had the experience of using a Suitable Technologies robot during NTI’s celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities Day in 2016. The robot enables “authentic eye-to-eye” communication with people in a distant location and is a valuable tool for people working remotely. Watch her experience here goo.gl/LD3WVE. 

Having a mentor who understands and identifies with a mentee is important. Advice is always easier to accept when you know someone understands. Clary explains, “Sometimes having someone that you can turn to while going through something new builds confidence and makes you see your potential. I think that’s what the goal of this department is—to help people see the direction they want to go in, and to reassure them that they can get there.”

When illness or injury causes a person to become disabled and unable to work, it can affect their self-esteem. Creating opportunities for people with disabilities to return to work helps them regain confidence and independence. Mentors can help with that process. Clary knows the value of this relationship and opines “I am privileged to be a part of it.” Thanks to Clary and other eMentors, NTI is able to help individuals with disabilities return to work every day. NTI is grateful to have a dedicated team that understands the challenges and abilities of the clients they serve. 

Last year, Ambers' experience was highlighted on High Five Day.  If you would like to read more about her, view her blog article here https://goo.gl/UWpt9X. 

If are on SSI or SSDI and would like to return to the workplace and be guided by people like Amber, visit NTI at goo.gl/Cqz3Bo. 

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