John Hancock and NTI Partner to Empower the United Nations 17 Goals for the Future We Want

Nations 17 Goals for the Future We Want

December 3rd is the United Nations designated International Day for Persons with Disabilities. The theme for this International Day in 2016 is "Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want." The UN recently adopted 17 development goals to build an inclusive and equitable world for individuals with disabilities to achieve by 2030. A list of the 17 sustainable goals can be found here:

In the efforts of contributing toward the achievement of these goals, John Hancock partnered with NTI (, to place Americans with severe disabilities to work as customer service representatives.  Through their partnership, John Hancock and NTI are setting a shared vision toward the UN's goals of decent work and economic growth.

According to the United Nations “17 Goals for the Future, We Want,” two significant ones stand out in the business relationship between NTI and John Hancock. In our efforts to support the 4th goal, which is “ensures inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning,” NTI strives to provide training to all work at home employees. NTI leads a three-day course to acclimate set up prepare individuals for success in a call center environment. Candidates also have access to an on-demand online university to increase their educational skillsets. In turn, John Hancock further remotely trains NTI employees in four-week programs to become customer service representatives. The combination of these programs equips the learners with the knowledge and skills to be successful and sustain development and their well-being.

The 8th goal is focused on “promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all”. Not only are John Hancock and NTI establishing creative and sustainable jobs, these jobs provide growth and innovation for John Hancock, as well. By creating positions for Americans with Disabilities, John Hancock is expanding their brand and customer service for their customers. They are seeing not only the altruistic value of working with Americans with Disabilities but the economic growth it provides to their organization.

As NTI builds the relationships with organizations like John Hancock, we can work toward the United Nations "17 Goals for the Future We Want." Together, we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, #IDPD2016, through the United Nations effort to build a more sustainable and equitable workforce, particularly through the goals of quality work and economic growth.

Mike Sanders is the Marketing Director at NTI and Speaker, with over 20 years experience who places individuals with disabilities back into the workplace. Additionally, he is a Diversity Advocate focusing on Americans with Disabilities and the originator of the Into the Streets program to help connect over 80,000 individuals with volunteer groups and has been implemented in Colleges and Universities nationwide.   

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The Golden Ticket - SSA's Ticket to Work Program

Today is the anniversary when congress passed the Social Security Administration’s, Ticket to Work program for individuals who are on SSI or SSDI. For seventeen years the SSA has had the Ticket to Work program act as the centerpiece in all their initiatives to improving individuals with disabilities lives by finding good jobs, “good careers, and better self-supporting futures.”  Ticket to work provides free and voluntary programs for people with disabilities to receive career counseling, job placement, and ongoing employment support services. It is the stepping stone program to helping individuals with disability reach their job goals.

Ticket to work is a good fit for people who are looking to  thrive in the workplace, for individuals who want to improve their earnings,a and commit to a long term  career. These goals can be achieved by contacting one of SSA’s employment  Networks, like NTI!

As a person with disabilities who has has been receiving SSI since 2008. I have spent more of my career in volunteer positions, or internships as I tried hopelessly to reach my job goals. I didn’t know about the Ticket to Work program as I spent years hoping I could somehow get that right job  through unpaid internships and volunteer work. I know the challenges are vast, I have experienced them first hand, and I thought I tried everything. But, I didn’t, I didn’t try SSA’s Ticket to Work. Who knows? Maybe if I did, the road to NTI would have been shorter, less strenuous and exhausting. Yet, as I sit here as one of NTI’s content marketing associates a part of me still believes I managed to find my ticket, as hard as it was.  The Social Security Administration  has programs waiting for you right now, like NTI, all ready, and waiting to help you reach your job goals.

NTI has your Golden Ticket. We want to help you get back into the workforce and reach your job goals. If you are on SSI or SSDI and you’re reading this you now know about the SSA Ticket to work program and NTI’s  instrumental part in it.  Don’t hold back, try everything there is and reach your job goals today because you deserve it all! Reach out to NTI at or call us at (877) 248-8912! You can cash your ticket right here!

Jaclyn is a Marketing Content Writer for NTI.  She not only lives the story, she writes about it to inspire others. Currently, Jaclyn just recently attained her MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction at Columbia University and the focus of her thesis is titled "Wings A Memoir" discussing the evolution of herself an disability.

Happy Birthday to Def Leppard’s Rick Allen!

“I joined the group on my fifteenth birthday, and we already seen a lot together, we’ve grown up together, and we’ve had enough setbacks for us to realize that we are really strong as a team. And, that is the one thing that kept everybody together, and it still keeps everybody together now.”

Rick Allen AKA “The Thunder God” inspires people everyday by his story. Yes, it’s true, he lost his left arm in a car accident on New Year’s Eve in 1985, about seven years after he joined Def Leppard. But Rick Allen didn’t let the amputation of his arm let that stop him from continuing to be part of the band. In fact, Rick Allen gave himself little to no time to pity himself or bringing on a heartbreak. He dove straight back into work and on August 16th 1986 he returned to the stage.

A drummer keeps the rhythm going, anyone who listens to Def Leppard’s music can always hear Rick Allen playing, regardless if there is a guitar slide or Def Leppard’s singer Joe Elliot cranking out the lyrics.

After Rick Allen’s car accident and loss of his arm an electronic drum set was created. Afterwards, whether is was from pure resilience, motivation on keeping their minds on what they wanted, or true passion Def Leppard went on to their most commercially successful part of their band career. Today, Def Leppard has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Their album Hysteria, which came out in 1987 being their first major hit album truly brought them to the spotlight. They have achieved great things, they are one of only five rock bands in the U.S. with two original studio albums selling over ten million, yet their greatest achievement to date is that they’ve stayed together through thick and thin no matter what life throws at them.

NTI may not be a rock band or someone that you have known since fifteen years old, but we will stay with you through thick and thin with the job search. In fact, we want to help you get back on that stage, put yourself out there and be a rock star like Rick Allen. We got your back, we have job opportunities for you, and we are willing to try our very best to make it work. If you are on SSI or SSDI take the plunge, let NTI be your rock band and help you find a great job! Visit us at or reach us at (877) 248-8912 today!

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Epilepsy Awareness Month - Learn about Lenox Gastaut Syndrome!

Today is Lenox Gastaut Syndrome Awareness Day! LGS is a severe form of epilepsy. Individuals with the disorder may most commonly experience tonic, atonic, and atypical absence seizures. LGS is very difficult to treat because it is resistant to many of the anti-seizure medications. 2-5 percent of children account for having LGS, yet they are extremely well known in the medical community, especially by both pediatric doctors and adult neurologists because of the complexity of the syndrome. Intellectual development disorders commonly follow LGS, in addition to behavioral problems and cognitive dysfunctions.
LGS is one specific form of epilepsy, one that people should be aware of because awareness improves lives, even if anti-seizure medications cannot make a difference. We have had tremendous people in our society who had epilepsy.  They are proof that anything is possible!
Our very own 28th president, Teddy Roosevelt was epileptic. A born leader, he was a writer, soldier, historian, explorer, and the governor of New York. Even though he was epileptic, had poor eyesight, and had debilitating asthma Theodore Roosevelt embraced everything life could give him.
The well-known Charles Dickens has medical professionals marvel at him today with his cunning accuracy and observations on epilepsy.  His clear descriptions in his novels are beyond his time. This is no coincidence, Dickens’ suffered from epilepsy, and by creating characters in his novels he was educating the world of the debilitating seizures that people suffer from. During Dickens’ time of writing, he recorded the nature of epileptic seizures, causes, and possible provocations, and most interestingly, their consequences.
The one and only Prince was born epileptic.  Even though Prince had his epilepsy there his whole life, the possibility of having a seizure always in the shadows, Prince became one of the most accomplished artists of our time because he had talent and believed he could. His art as a singer, musician, producer, and art innovator has contributed endlessly to how music exists today.
Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer during the late Romantic period. Some of his works are still the most popular pieces of classical music today. He made lasting impressions as a conductor internationally in Europe and even the United States. For his time, this is quite remarkable as Tchaikovsky coped with epilepsy. Still Tchaikovsky managed to not only create something beautiful, but to deliver it to multiple continents!
NTI is wants to ask you, how do you want to contribute your time? Embrace the world like Teddy Roosevelt and be a leader and grab a hold of that new job! Educate, and take on the world like Dickens’ and marvel the minds of the future or be like Prince and take on the abstract with what you have to offer!  Be aware of what you can do, just like LGS awareness day. The jobs are waiting here at NTI, waiting for someone like you to show the rest of the world that anything is possible if you just believe. Do the impossible like Tchaikovsky, and build something beautiful and new in your life today! So if you are on SSI or SSDI reach out to us at!
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“Make learning stick and last a lifetime!” Come Together! Learn with us! It’s Family Literacy Month!

November 1st is the start of Family Literacy month. All across the country organizations will be coming together to host family learning events. Family literacy is in motion when two generations or more—extended family—are actively learning together.

The president and founder of the National Center of Families Learning, Sharon Darling, stated, “When parents and children come together to learn, relationships among family members, neighbors and communities are all strengthened. Educators and families across the country invest time—from hours to moments everyday—to learn together and make real-world connections that make learning stick, and last a lifetime.”
It doesn’t quite matter what you’re learning about as a family and community. The sky is the limits from the sciences, to financial studies, to reading and history—literacy and education has no restrictions on where your mind can go!
NTI is excited about Family Literacy Month. We believe in coming together as a community, and we especially believe in #learning and education! That is why NTI is excited about the opportunity we have for you and your family. On December 3, right after Family Literacy Month, NTI is asking you to come together again for International Disability Day and our #31Nights event at the Prudential Center in Boston! Just like Family Literacy Month there will be learning and education opportunities, music, inspiring people to meet, and tremendous speakers. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity NTI has waiting for you! For more information visit
NTI aims to educate people with disabilities of all the opportunities and possibilities that exist out there! Want to learn more? Are you looking for a job or in need of job training? Are you on SSI or SSDI? Reach out to NTI today, at we are ready to come together for you, to help you find that great opportunity.

Take a shot and Raise Awareness to the World!

Today is the 5th World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day! The aim of today is to raise awareness, and understanding of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus everywhere. Spina bifida is a neural tube birth defect that affects 1,500-2,000 babies in the United States each year. Currently, there are 166,000 individuals who live with Spina Bifida. Spina bifida occurs within the first 28 days of pregnancy. The infant’s spinal column fails to develop properly, which results in varying forms of permanent damage to the spinal cord and nervous system. Individuals who grow up and live with spina bifida may encounter obstacles such as poor ability to walk, problems with bladder, or bowel control, #hydrocephalus, a tethered spinal cord, and latex allergy.
Hydrocephalus is a condition when an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluids builds up in the brain cavities. It is a common condition among individuals with spina bifida and is treated with a shunt in order to relocate the fluid to another part of the body because there is a great possibility of brain damage.
NTI is humbled to say that Ryan Martin, a member of the spina bifida community and founder of the Ryan Martin Foundation will be speaking at the #31Nights event on December 3, AKA International Disability Day, and the day NTI will be showcased at the Prudential Center in Boston!

NTI can’t wait to hear everything Ryan has to say. Ryan’s experiences in life inspire people everyday. As a young child with spina bifida, Ryan also had his legs amputated by two years old. Yet, when he discovered basketball at the age of twelve he fell in love and didn’t let anything or anyone stop him from envisioning the future he saw for himself playing the sport. Now Ryan is a professional wheelchair basketball player, and the founder of his own foundation, which carries the mission to inspire and empower individuals with disabilities through sports and education. Ryan understands the challenges people face, he knows that it can be exhausting, yet he also knows how wonderful it feels when you achieve your dreams.
NTI believes that we can help you take your first step towards your dreams and feel wonderful. We want to be there, empower you, and offer job training if you would like it. We have jobs for you that give you the ability to work from your very own home!  We believe you can take the first step towards you dream just like Ryan Martin accomplished his one task at a time. If you are on SSI or SSDI let NTI be there for you, to help you change your world for the better, and empower yourself to be the person you always envisioned you’ll be! Visit us at or call us at (877) 248-8912.

Jaclyn is a Marketing Content Writer for NTI.  She not only lives the story, she writes about it to inspire others. Currently, Jaclyn just recently attained her MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction at Columbia University and the focus of her thesis is titled "Wings A Memoir" discussing the evolution of herself an disability.

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