Missing the Ability to Help Americans with Disabilities

AbilityOne, the federal program tasked to provide work for Americans with Disabilities is being investigated for financial fraud and other legal violations by the Dept. of Just and four Inspectors General Offices. Instead of providing Americans with Disabilities the opportunities to successfully gain employment, they are allegedly awarding these positions to able-bodied individuals.  In addition, there is approximately 2.3 billion dollars of contracts
Broken Wheelchair in a Lobby
that are only awarded annually to just 10-20 percent of the organizations who qualify to fill these contracts. Why just this 10-20 percent? How can only these organizations be successful in fulfilling the needs of these contracts? Due to their geographical locations and the size of the contracts, these organizations place competitively  employable individuals in jobs instead of those who are severely disabled. As a result, the organizations who win the contracts don’t have the necessary ratio of severely disabled to competitively employable individuals, as required by the contract. The requirements are that 75% of the jobs are filled by those who are severely disabled. However, the AbilityOne program does not take ownership for this and turns a blind eye to the situation.       

Educate yourself and learn more about this problem scenario on CNN’s site: 

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What is your opinion on this situation? What do you think you can do to make a difference so this injustice doesn’t continue?

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