Women's Health and Fitness Day

Women's Health and Fitness Day

September 29th is Women’s Health and Fitness Day! We highlight model and competition fitness star Jennifer Fuller, who has been an inspiration and embraced fitness.  She stated, fitness is a part of “Who I Am.” 

A picture of Jennifer Fuller as taken by #PedroBlancoPhotography.
At 42 years old, Jennifer has been a fitness enthusiast for at least half of her life. She started in college and never looked back. The gym and fitness became part of who she was and once she saw a photo of Angela's Bassett's amazing arms she knew she wanted to strive to achieve that. 

Passing through many gyms along the way, she met some amazing people. People who have become some of her closest friends; more like family. Thus, keeping up with a fit lifestyle was easy. She was surrounded by incredibly motivated individuals who shared the same values and goals. Such an amazing support system!  

Through the years, Jennifer took and taught fitness classes as well as dabbled in personal training. However, one thing she always wanted to do was to compete in a fitness show. Striving toward her goal to compete in a fitness show, she never had enough confidence to put herself out there.  Jennifer worried about embarrassing myself, what people would think of her, that she would fail. 

An amazing mental transformation happened to her when she turned 40. She focused on keeping mentally fit. She stopped doubting herself and worrying what negative thoughts some may have about her. She started to take control of what I wanted in life. She renewed friendships she thought lost and distanced herself from those who were unhealthy. Turning 40 was a liberating experience. With her new attitude came a confidence that pushed her onto the competition stage and place within 2 categories. She admitted that she had help along the way. Her family, friends and her coach Bela Santos were her biggest supporters. She couldn't ask for a more dedicated individual in Bela, who has since become an amazing friend to walk her through this whole journey.

When asked, what she would say to inspire Americans with Disabilities who want to get into fitness, she stated, “If we can let go of our fears of failure and what others may think of us, then the only one holding us back from our limitless potential is ourselves.” 

Thank you for supporting NTI Jennifer and the Americans with Disabilities it represents! 

Follow Jennifer on Instagram at @jenniepfuller

A special thank you to #PedroBlancoPhotography for his photography work on this piece. 

Follow Pedro on Instagram at @PedroBlancoPhotography or on Twitter at @PBlancophoto

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  1. Perfect example of both mental & physical, dedication and determination.

    1. Hi Rori! Thanks for the feedback on this! I know Jennifer will love to hear that feedback!

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