UNICEF, Celebrating 70 Years!

UNICEF, Celebrating 70 Years!

It is impossible to imagine our world today without UNICEF protecting those children in need. Seventy years ago UNICEF was born through a unanimous vote at the first session of the UN General Assembly and was funded entirely by voluntary contributions. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund was initially created in 1946 to help the children of post WWII Europe, and was intended to be a short term relief fund. Yet, as we look back today, at the 190 countries that UNICEF has programs in,  it is nearly impossible to ever think that  UNICEF could have been short term. 

Shortly after all the projects and programs were completed for the children  impacted by post World War II Europe and  many assumed UNICEF would be dissolved.  A permanent representative of Pakistan for the UN, Ahmed Bokhari, argued that  children all over were facing an ongoing spiral of disease and poverty and because of this and so much more, UNICEF’s mission was indispensable. Ahmed Bokhari was right, it may be true that UNICEF began as a temporary experiment 70 years ago to offer relief to the children of Europe, but today, UNICEF has grown to become the world’s  leading agency to offering relief to children. Today, UNICEF actively works to improve the lives of children who struggle with poverty,, health, and education in over 190 countries. Nine-five percent of all UNICEF profits goes directly to the programs and children in struggling countries. UNICEF changes children’s lives every day, making a huge difference, and yet there is so much more that  needs to be done.

The challenges that UNICEF takes on today for children around the world are unrecognizable to the challenges that once existed in 1946. Children face problems with education, preventable diseases, HIV and, child trafficking, and so much more. Time changes so many things, and with time new challenges and opportunity arise. At NTI we want to thank UNICEF for everything that they do for the children all around the world. For their past seventy years of commitment and their many more to come.

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