Natalie du Toit — Living Childhood Dreams

Natalie du Toit dreamed of competing in the Olympics since she was little. Her first rise to athletic stardom came in 1998, when she represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Games when she was only 14. But, three years later, du Toit was hit by a car while riding her scooter. The accident resulted in the amputation of her left leg at the knee.

For many, this would have ended an Olympic dream. But, du Toit had unrelenting spirit to never give up. She refused to allow an amputation to deter her from her lifetime goals.

Du Toit spent several months in physical training preparing herself for competitions. In 2004, only three years after her accident, du Toit was awarded five gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Athens.

Then, in 2008 in Beijing, du Toit made history. Du Toit not only achieved her personal dream to go to the Olympics, but du Toit was the first female amputee swimmer ever to qualify for the Olympics.

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