National Scrabble Championship

Like word games? The National Scrabble Championship starts today, August 6th, at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and continues until August 10th.  Playing Scrabble on a board, or on your phone or laptop via the Words with Friends app, is a very calming activity because there’s nothing better than seeing the jumbled up letters and making a word out of them -- and if it’s QI on a triple word tile, all the better.

As an American with disabilities, do you feel sometimes like your life is like the Scrabble letters -- jumbled up and made of chaos and you can’t figure out what your next move should be or if/when you can ever return to work after your disability? If you’re on SSI or SSDI, our team at NTI is here to help you take that jumbled up life and make your winning move by helping you get back into the workforce.
We will work with you to mentor and train you for successful job placement, assisting with resume writing, role-playing for typical interview questions, and offering dialogue around work accommodations. You will receive free virtual training in NTI University and then be guided through the various stages of the recruitment cycle. Our job is to help make your life better by preparing you for a job with one of our Fortune 500 companies.
Have questions? Want to play a word game with us while getting those questions answered? We’ve set up our own account for the Words with Friends game. Check out username “NTICentral” (without quotes), which we will open up to the public this upcoming week, so we can answer any questions in the chatroom that you may have regarding our service offerings or learn a bit more about NTI. Plus, you can have fun and potentially beat us at a fast game of Words with Friends in the process.


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  5. Join the National Scrabble Championship in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from August 6th to 10th, or play Words with Friends online! Plus, learn about NTI's support for Americans with disabilities.
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  6. The National Scrabble Championship is an exhilarating showcase of linguistic prowess and strategic acumen, gathering top Scrabble players from across the country to compete in a battle of wordsmithing skills. This prestigious event not only highlights the competitive spirit within the Scrabble community but also celebrates the artistry of vocabulary and game strategy. Players engage in intense matches, demonstrating their ability to combine letters into high-scoring words while navigating challenging boards and opponent tactics.
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