Enter to Win the NTI NDEAM Poetry Contest - Oct 8th through the 23rd

For NDEAM, we would love you to create awareness and dedicate a poem to a ‪#‎DISABILITY‬ you care about. Your poem can be one you like or one you have created yourself. Please briefly explain the disability you are dedicating it to, and why, before you recite the poem. Other than that, surprise us and be as creative as you like. Simply record yourself, and share the video with us through the form at the following link goo.gl/MEcdYc.

Your words are important so make sure, if you are using your phone to film, by sure that the sound is OK. Also, please keep the video to under 3 minutes.

As an end note, make sure you include your name and contact info in case you win! A CISCO flip camera may be in someone's near future!!!!

To kick things off and generate ideas National Poetry Day, we would like to add an excerpt on  Wordgathering.com called 'How to Imagine Deafness' by Kim Roberts,  which is dedicated to poems and disability. Enjoy!   

The following is a transcription of the above video  "How to Imagine Deafness" by Kim Roberts:

Darken your ears until the tunnels 
with their intricate clockwork
are sheathed in pitchy calm. 
Hum a little blue, to yourself,
but keep it secret. The small bones
will dip delicately, like willow leaves
that merely brush the water's surface, 
in their repose. The small hairs
will lie down together like tentacles. 
Listen: the lake stops its lapping
repetition of sibilance
(physicist, Sisyphus, sassafras)
and the great snail unfurls itself, 
stretches its tongue longingly
toward the distant echo surge
that must be the heart.

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