You're Only as Good as the People you Hire

On October 5, 1902, Ray Kroc, was born. Ray joined McDonald's in 1954, and grew the business into the most successful fast food operation in the world. Ray stated, that "You're only as good as the people you hire." He would have been proud of Kenny Soriano, an employee at the Union Station location in Chicago.

A few days ago, a quadriplegic man asked Kenny if he could help him eat. During a busy time of the day, Kenny closed down his register and helped the gentleman cut and eat his meal.

Kenny's act of kindness went above and beyond his responsibilities to help someone in need. You can read more about Kenny's act of kindness here: Acts of Kindness.

What would you do to help someone in need? What can you do to create awareness for NDEAM (Learn More About NDEAM)?

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  1. We often look down upon disable people. Thinking that they deserve our sympathies & that they can't do anything on their own but the truth is that we don't give them the chance to prove ourselves wrong. They deserve equal opportunities at jobs. This NDEAM try to give those people a chance to live a normal life like us.


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