The End is Near: SysAdmin Appreciation Day + Windows 10

Today, July 29th, is an important day in the IT world for two reasons. First, it is National System Administrator Appreciation Day when we thank sysadmins and other IT workers. Second, it is the last day you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Starting tomorrow, you’ll have to pay. 

Here at NTI, we are very appreciative of our Director of IT, Peter O’Leary, who has been our IT department presence since 1996 and our Director of IT since 2006. Peter works tirelessly and without complaint to help us with any IT issues that arise and also assists our clients, who are Americans with disabilities, in transitioning to virtual home-based customer service positions. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Peter! We wouldn’t be the company we are without your help.

Sysadmins and IT workers like Peter have been very busy upgrading corporate personal computers (PCs) and laptops to Windows 10. Did you know that you can upgrade your personal PC or laptop to Windows 10 for free? If you didn’t, the last day to do so for free is TODAY. Yes, you read that right. Today. After you read this, go and backup your files and upgrade your personal PC or laptop from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 today. Microsoft has information for you on how to upgrade to Windows 10. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying $100 or more for the upgrade after today, and you could spend that money on better things, right? Of course you could!

If you have already upgraded for free, congratulations. Are you tech savvy? Like to problem solve? You might be interested in the Help Desk positions we recruit for at NTI. If you are on SSI, SSDI or have a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, you are eligible to apply to this position through the NTI work at home program. Interested? Contact us today at 


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  2. Sysadmins and IT laborers like Peter have been exceptionally occupied with redesigning corporate (PCs) and workstations to Windows 10.I Need Help With My Homework Did you realize that you can redesign your own PC or PC to Windows 10 for nothing? In the event that you didn't, the last day to do as such for nothing is TODAY. Indeed, you read that right.

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