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In a few days, the Cybathlon, an event where adaptive technology fuses with competition will occur.  Teams from over 21 countries will be competing and we had the chance to catch up with the team representing Touch Bionics.  Other than competitors, Touch Bionics is the world's leading prosthetic technology and support services organization in the world.  Their focus is to create the best possible outcomes for those with upper limb deficiencies. Their products include myoelectric prosthetic hand and finger solutions, as well as highly realistic passive functional prosthesis that match the natural appearance of the user.  During the Cybathlon, team Touch Bionics will put their products and support solutions to test in the Powered Arm Prosthesis Race and strive for the the Gold.

The team will be represented by competitors from both the UK and German Touch Bionics locations. Team touch Bionics is comprised of Alison Goodwin, a Global Product Manager at Touch Bionics and Kathrin Gamble who is an International Marketing Manager at Touch Bionics. The two athletes, otherwise known as pilots in the Cybathlon are Claudia Breidbach who is a  Training Manager at Touch Bionics and Bert Pot, a Touch Bionics Ambassador.

During the competitions, both Claudia and Bert will  both be wearing the a Touch Bionics product called the i-limb quantum.  The video below showcases the day in the life of Claudia as she demonstrates her i-limb quantum doing everything from extreme tasks to everyday activities with her family.  View the video here:

Touch Bionics is using the Cybathlon to push the limit on their latest technology, the supro wrist.  Claudia will be leveraging the supro wrist in competition.  This latest development is the first integrated hand and wrist prosthesis with synchronized rotation and grip selection. Touch Bionics has a launch date set for the supro wrist in early of 2017.

It’s a personal endeavor for Claudia, as she is looking to showcase how to master life with a prosthesis and show what is possible with the technology today. Bert, an Ambassador for Touch Bionics shares a similar sentiment and is looking at the Cybathlon as a personal challenge to push himself to claim the prize for the Touch Bionics Family.  Bert and Claudia have been preparing for the competition since May and have been preparing on grip positions and the game plan for the Cybathlon.

Through determination, Touch Bionics will show the world that anything is possible with a symbiosis between person and technology. You can get the chance to see Claudia and Bert and team Touch Bionics pushed to the max as they compete in the Powered Arm Race on October 8th. The event will be streamed online at

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