Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games 
Now that the Winter Olympics has come to a close, the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games are just kicking off in PyeongChang. The opening ceremony will be held at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium at 8 p.m. this Friday, March 9th.  

The slogan of the Paralympic Winter Games, “Passion Moves Us” focuses on the passion that motivates everyone; including those who have disabilities. Over 670 athletes will be represented from 80 countries as opposed to 539 from 4 years ago.  The total number of female athletes has tremendously increased by 44 percent. This Paralympics, athletes will compete in fifteen sport disciplines consisting of 4 snow sports: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, and Snowboarding. In addition, two ice sports, Ice (Sled) Hockey and Wheelchair Curling will be included in the competitions.   
Eyes will be on US competitors Oksana Masters (Biathlon), Andrew Kurka (Alpine Skiing), Brenna Huckaby (Snowboarding), Andrew Soule (US Nordic skier), and Declan Farmer (Ice Hockey) as they strive for Gold.  You can watch coverage both on NBC as well as the Paralympic website at The Winter Paralympics will take place from March 9th to March 18th.  We hope you enjoy the highlights that NTI brings of the Paralympic Games over the next few days.   
What aspects of the Winter Olympics are you looking forward to? 


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